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Our new vitamin C preparation with CBD combines a powerful antioxidant, innovative technology and effective CBD: Vitamin C and CBD are transported in the body with the help of the liposomal formula, thus ensuring optimal absorption. Protect your cells from oxidation and free radicals with this powerhouse. Of all vitamins, the need for vitamin C is greatest in terms of quantity. Vitamin C is essential for the human body. Our liposomal vitamin C with CBD is a great addition to the existing Nordic Oil CBD oils. For taste, the mix contains a touch of natural fruit aromas. Each bottle of Nordic Oil's CBD liposomal vitamin C contains 150ml of liquid with 90mg CBD. The daily dosage unit (5ml) contains 3mg CBD and 250mg vitamin C. Number of servings: 30

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  • Vegan
  • None Kcal
  • Lactose-free
  • CBD from certified hemp
  • Fruity invigorating taste
  • Full spectrum Cannabis Sativa extract

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are vital (essential) organic substances that must be supplied to the body in small quantities, i.e. in the order of a few milligrams (mg) or micrograms (µg), regularly with food. They do not serve as energy suppliers or building materials, but are involved in catalytic or controlling functions. A lack (deficiency symptom) of even a single substance can lead to considerable physiological or psychological restrictions.

Less vitamins in our food

Due to the constantly increasing degree of processing of our food, long transport routes and storage, more and more essential vitamins in our food are lost or destroyed long before they reach our bodies. The probability that a person is missing one or more of these substances is therefore unfortunately enormous and is constantly growing. This fact combined with other risk factors (see risk group) leads to a large deficit of vitamins. Improper storage and preparation can cause high losses in food. As a mean value, about 30% losses can be assumed.

What does "liposomal" mean?

Our vitamin C with CBD product is a so-called liposomal formulation. Liposomes (small capsule-like structures) are a novel form of drug delivery system that is safer and faster than many other traditional methods. They work by encapsulating the ingredients in liquid form in their core, making them easily available for direct cell uptake. Effective liposomes protect against digestive enzymes and ensure that the valuable substances in our multivitamin preparation get to where they are supposed to go in the body. According to studies, the bioavailability can increase approximately three times compared to an oil preparation.

CBD: Production with the CO2 method

For the extraction of our CBD oil we rely on a specific method using high pressures and low temperatures to extract and protect the CBD essence precisely. Beneficial molecules that are often lost in other methods are preserved and the result is a pure, potent and natural extract.

CBD: cultivation of the plant

The hemp extract comes from plants of certified industrial hemp.


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